Rope Halters - the correct way to tie

Rope Halters - the correct way to tie

Congratulations on your new Rope Halter purchase! 

Leaving the store feeling confident that you can tie this bad boy on... no problem... looked simple when the sales associate showed you what to do.

Now that you are home standing in the field with your horse holding this tangle of rope, what did she say?

Here's a quick video to help you remember! 

 If you are still in the research phase, here are some facts on what makes rope halters so great!

  • A good quality rope halter should be light weight and flexible to conform to the horse's face.
  • Rope halters allow for a more direct pressure ratio, the thinner the material used the more pressure per square inch your horse will feel.
  • In direct contrast, because they are light and thin your horse will have a less bulky heavy feeling halter on their face.
  • Because of the lightness factor of a rope halter, it allows for easier communication with your horse.  First try pushing your fist into the palm of your other hand, then try pushing one finger into the palm of your hand. The difference is obvious! 

Where I would not use a rope halter

  • Trailering!!! If you set your horse up to allow them to use the halter to lean on for balance when trailering then provide them with something comfortable to lean on rather then a thin piece of rope.
  • Pain or discomfort in the face. If your horse is recovering from facial trauma then consider using something softer.

The information and opinions are endless!!! 

Please jump in to the conversation! I by no means have included all the pro's and con's of using a rope halter. Personal choice and doing what is best for you and your horse should always be part of the consideration!



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