Two years ago my boys became sick with body pain, swelling knees and ankles.  They had no bulls eye rash or typical Lyme flu symptoms.  I had no idea they'd even been bitten.

Things got so bad that my oldest couldn't walk for a period of time.  I was terrified and still had no diagnosis.  About 8 months into the illness both sons were diagnosed with Lyme Arthritis. 

I was driven to act.  How could we prevent this from happening again and still let our children, and our dog, Bella, continue to enjoy the outdoors?  I didn't want to spray DEET on them or any man made chemical that could cause health issues in the long run.​

After months of research AtlanTick partnered with Acadia University, and together came up with our own safe, effective, natural-based formula.  We now have comfort knowing we are doing our best to protect our children, safely, and we are working with the PMRA to register our tick spray in Canada.​

At Atlantick, we are dedicated to impacting this problem, and providing safe options to protect the people and pets we all love.