Sheddie Eddie

Reasons to try Sheddie Eddie ~ 
  • Gentle on animals
  • Easy to use
  • very effective
  • year round grooming
  • handmade
  • ergonomic handle
  • strap for your wrist or hanging up
  • use on many surfaces
  • 60 day warranty
  • all Canadian, eh!
Sheddie Eddie tips ~ 
  • use short strokes and appropriate pressure
  • clean blade from dirt/hair frequently
  • spray with water if hair becomes static
  • remove dirt buildup on blade/wood with old toothbrush and water then wipe dry
  • use on large/small animals (shorter hair is more effective)
  • if you don't have the option to have pads or like items professionally cleaned, use a shopvac after to get more ground in dirt out

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