Hoffman's ProFat

 Hoffman's ProFat 18% Fat Supplemental Feed Available at Tack in the Box

What is it? High fat supplemental feed

When should I use it? Feed to horses needing more body condition and/or energy

Why should I use it? Concentrated cool energy source, Balanced Omega Fatty acid

How do I use it? 1 - 4 lb feeding rate

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 16.0% Sodium (Actual) 0.35%
Crude Fat (Min.) 18.0% Salt (Actual) 0.45%
Crude Fiber (Min.) 12.0% Vitamin A (Min.) 15,000 IU/kg
Calcium (Actual) 1.5% Vitamin D3 (Min.) 3,000 IU/kg
Phosphorus (Actual) 0.9% Vitamin E (Min.) 400 IU/kg

Feeding Directions

Hoffman’s 16% ProFat Horse Ration is a part of the Hoffman’s line of equine feeds. This feed is intended to be fed at 0.4 – 1.5 kg per head daily, in at least 2 equal, separated feedings. Good quality hay should be fed at 1.5 – 2.5 kg per 100 kg of body weight. This ration is intended for horses needing more body condition. This ration is also well suited for senior horses that need extra energy to maintain weight. The actual feeding level will be determined by the quality of the forage, level and intensity of the work, and the condition of the horse. This feed is intended for horses over 1 year of age. Always allow free choice access to clean water, salt and Hoffman’s Horse Mineral.

Features & Benefits

  • An 18% fat level supplemental ration for horses needing more body condition  
    • This includes senior horses as well as horses needing higher levels of energy
  • Designed to be fed as a top dress 
    • ProFat is designed to be fed as a top dress with the ration you are already feeding at a rate of 1-4 lbs/day
  • Low NSC and starches  
    • No sugars, grains, or any other starches added
    • NSC- 17%
  • Fat Based Energy Sources
    • By using fat as the energy source it gives your horse a long-lasting, cool energy. This allows your horse to perform with a more collected mind. 
  • Fat Digestion Aid 
    • This fat digestion aid increases fat absorption and digestion which allows the horse to receive full utilization of the fat sources quickly.
  • Diamond V® Yeast 
    • Diamond V® Yeast helps support the hindgut by enhancing bacteria growth which enables better digestion by the horse
  • ZinPro® Complexed Minerals 
    • These chelated trace minerals make the minerals more biologically available to the horse.
  • Organic Selenium
    • Organic selenium helps ensure better absorption and much better utilization within the body 
  • Pelleted  
    • Consistent intake and nutrient levels formulated using quality ingredients

"For the past four years I have been using Hoffman's. I'm always impressed with how my horses look and feel, even with all the miles and runs on my horses, they still stay in top condition. Even when I'm not hauling or using my horses a lot they do very well on the different rations"- Chase Simpson 2010 Canadian Champion Header


Rice Bran (stabilized) 
Steel cut flax 
Soybean Hulls 
Wheat Mill Run 
Malt Sprouts 
Diamond V Yeast 
Canola Oil 
Mono-calcium Di-calcium phosphate 
Sodium Bicarbonate 
Anise (flavor) 
Vitamin A 
Vitamin D3 

Vitamin E 
Zinc Oxide 
Zinc Methionine 
Manganous Oxide 
Manganese Methionine 
Copper sulfate 
Copper Lysine 
Calcium iodate 
Cobalt Carbonate 
Cobalt Gluccoheptonate 
Sodium Seleneite (selenium) 
Diamond V Organic selenium 
Pantothenic Acid 
Folic Acid 
Vitamin B12 
Vitamin K 

Available for in store purchase only