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Burwash 12 foot Lead - Tack In The Box

Burwash 12 foot Lead

  • $6499

Kanga Series Horsemanship 12' Lead Line

From Burwash Brand Horse Gear comes the Kanga Series Horsemanship Lead Line. This 14' lead with a stainless steel marine shackle is a superior feeling cord which carries a clear message to your horse. Using this lead is "a must" to follow the "Down Under Clinician Training Method." 

  • 12' Lead
  • Stainless Steel Marine Shackle
  • Available Colours: Black, white

The Kanga Series was designed by Clinton Anderson. Specific Tools, knots, rope thickness and firmness have been selected by Clinton to assist in achieving his method of training.

 Long enough to do all your ground work and get out of harm's way but not so long that you are dragging excess rope. Simply wiggle the rope to give the slightest cue, it will carry all the way through the rope. Try doing that with a traditional lead rope - you can't!