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Dublin Children's Half Chap - Tack In The Box

Dublin Children's Half Chap

  • $4295

Dublin Suede Half Chaps - Adult and Childrens ...the fit of custom chaps at a fraction of the price. They Feature a Form fitting leg, Comfortable elasticized leg panels, Curved Spanish-cut tops, Heavy duty zipper for long lasting durablity, and the Inner leg is reinforced for durability and a Snap-over bottom closure.


See Sizing Chart Below

Dublin Half Chaps Sizing Chart in Inches

Size Calf Height
Adult XS 13-13.5 16-16.5
Adult Small 14-14.5 17-17.5
Adult Small Tall 14-14.5 19-19.5
Adult Medium 15-15.5 18-18.5
Adult Medium Tall 15-15.5 19-19.5
Adult Large 16-16.5 18-18.5
Adult X-Large 17-17.5 18-18.5
Child Medium 10-10.5 13
Child Large 11-11.5 14