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Dublin On Air Stretch Field Boot - Tack In The Box

Dublin On Air Stretch Field Boot

  • $24995

Competition Boot Featuring Permair Leather with Lace Front

- Quality competition field style boots with a laced front
- Full grain leather upper and breathable lining
- Utilizes the innovative technology of Permair leather that guards against scuffs, stains and water
- Features a stretch panel that perfectly contours to your leg, providing up to 2cm of stretch for a great fit
- Zip closure along the spine, makes it quick to put on and take off
- Streamlined design with ankle flexion so no need to break in boots
- Features the high performance RCS+ footbed system with cupped heel and arch support to cradle the foot for stability
- Triple layered heel cushions and impact absorption zones for ultimate comfort
- Sweat control lining
- Steel arch foundation
- Anti slip, durable rubber outsole