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E.A. Mattes Euro Fit Sheepskin Jumper Pad

E.A. Mattes Euro Fit Sheepskin Jumper Pad

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Mattes EuroFit Saddle Pad

Mattes EuroFit saddle pad with sheepskin panels and bare flaps is fully customizable. The bare flap design minimizes material under the rider’s leg (closer contact between your leg and your horse). Top quality sheepskin panels offers your horse’s back Merino sheepskin protection directly under the panels of the saddle. The unlined flaps are quilted with a Poly-Flex layer that doesn’t add bulk but does add energy absorption properties and reduces bounce / flapping. Like all Mattes saddle pads, the colors of the pad are customizable to fit your eventing or barn colors.

  • Minimized material under leg allows closer contact
  • EuroFit reduces material, conforming to your All Purpose, Jumper or Dressage Saddle
  • Merino sheepskin panels provide moisture and dissipation of impacts
  • Flaps bare of sheepskin and quilted with a thin layer of Poly-Flex, a material that absorbs energy and prevents flaps from folding up or flying around
  • Available in White with Blue & Gold Trim
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