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Fence - ElectroPLus Bronze

Fence - ElectroPLus Bronze

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This is fabulous fencing for horses. Has some elasticity in the rope so horses can run into it and it will just stretch and bounce back usually.  The white with a black stripe makes it very easy to see and therefor less likely for the horse to run into it. If a horse happens to catch a foot in it, it is less likely to cut. 

Our horse lay down at the fence and rolled , catching his foot in the fence and wrapping it around his leg, there was minimal damage , just scuffed off some hair.  Of course there is always an opportunity that horse s can get seriously damaged from any kind of fencing, because that is just what horses do! But the electroplus fencing is less likely to do severe damage than a high tensile fence. It is always recommended that the electricity never be turned off on the electric fence. 

Choose from the 2 sizes - 1320 feet or 630 feet.

The Electroplus Bronze   is 1/8" or 4 mm in diameter. 

The braid is white and has 1 black tracer for visibility.

Metallic coated copper wires cross 3 times per inch.

460lb break strength.

Made with Polyethylene for better UV protection.

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