• $49.99

Finally a sun visor that stays on while you ride!!! Patented Gripper System!

Stylish protection from the sun that can be worn on or off your helmet!

Placement Instructions:

  1. Put the helmet on and center the Equivisor.
  2. Make sure your EquiVisor brim lays on the visor brim of your helmet. On helmets without a built-invisor brim, place your EquiVisor at the base of helmet brim. The EquiVisor will adhere just as well to a helmet without a built-in visor as to one with a built-in visor.
  3. Pull straps tight and Velcro securely.

Keep in mind there is no "right" placement for the straps. Just make sure if your helmet has a built-in visor brim, that the helmet visor and the EquiVisor are close together. This will give your EquiVisor maximum "staying on" adhesion. your EquiVisor can be worn like a normal visor as well as on your helmet.

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