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exhibitor's Quic Silver Whitening Intensifier & Shampoo for white, gray, palomino, cream. Colour safe Available at Tack in the Box

exhibitor's Quic Silver Whitening Intensifier & Shampoo

  • $999

Quic Silver Shampoo

Exhibitors' Quic (Quick) Silver shampoo creates incredible silver and golden highlights and platinum white markings.

Contains no bleaches bluing or other harsh chemicals.

  • Intensifies all natural colours within coat
  • Highlights silver in grays, gold in palominos and platinum in white.
  • Eliminates tough stains including grass, manure and urine.
  • Removes scarf with deep cleaning, easy rinse formula.
  • It's gentle and safe.
  • Leaves coat soft, smooth and shiny.

Effective on all colours, but Quic Silver™ is at its best on white-to-medium grays, albinos, creams and palominos... whether solid, Pinto/Paint or Appaloosa