horse blanket repair kit

Horse Blanket Repair Kit

  • $7.95

Make your blankets last until next season with this easy to use repair kit.

The Horze Horse Blanket Repair Kit will fix most blanket rips and tears and allow you to make it through the season before replacing your blankets. It's not always convenient to run out and replace your blankets at a moment's notice and this patch kit will come to your rescue.


  • EXTRA FABRIC. 5 pieces of fabric swatches make it easy to repair small tears.
  • COMPLETE SET. Includes 2g of glue to attach patches.
  • PRACTICAL SIZE. 4 3/4 inches by 4 inches each can be cut to fit.
  • TEMPORARY ALTERNATIVE TO BUYING A NEW BLANKET IN AN EMERGENCY. This kit is perfect for fixing small rips in blankets to get you through the season or until you can replace your favorite Horze blanket.

Technical description:

4.75 in. x 4 in. each.

Washing instructions:

Wash with cold water.

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