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Horseman's One Step Cream

Horseman's One Step Cream

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Horseman‘s One Step® easy-to-use cream, featuring a new container with a user-friendly screw-top lid, cleans and conditions leather and synthetic leather products at the same time. It penetrates leather to release deep-down dirt and sweat, gently lifting it away. The lanolin-rich formula also conditions and preserves to keep leather soft and pliable. This unique cream conditioner leaves a beautiful satin sheen with no sticky residue, all in one easy step.

- Use regularly to restore dry, cracked leather

- Rich lanolin penetrates to recondition leather

- No sticky or tacky residue

 Directions: Will not darken most leather. If in doubt, test a small hidden area. Not for use on suede. Apply a small amount of Horseman's One Step on leather with a damp cloth or sponge, and rub in. For very dry leather, several light applications are recommended. Buff with a clean, soft cloth or soft brush. For tooled and heavy grained leather, buff with a soft brush. If white residue appears, use a damp cloth with a very small amount of cream to remove.

425g container

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