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Mane n Tail Spray n Braid - Tack In The Box

Mane n Tail Spray n Braid

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Spray n Braid is an exclusive, advanced, protein based formula developed working with professional braiders for just the right grip while helping to strengthen hair. The results are tighter braids, neater bands with maximum hold, helping prevent flyaway strands. Spray n Braid provides the perfect "grooming grip" for ease of braiding, banding or training; performance guaranteed.

- Makes for easy braiding and banding

- Holds perfect braids helping to eliminate flyaway strands

- Protein enriched for strengthening hair, helping prevent breakage

- The ultimate solution to train manes and tails to lay flat

- Water based formula, pH balanced with a pleasant fragrance

Directions: Shake well. For braiding, spray directly on hair and try not to over saturate. During braiding, a perfect grip will be felt with just the right hold. For training stubborn manes and tails that do not lay flat, apply liberally and brush throughout. For split manes apply liberally, comb throughout and braid loosely, leave in for a day and apply again if required. 

16 fl oz bottle (473 ml)