Nunn Finer Saddle Fitting Curve

  • $29.99

Wither Tracer Saddle Fitting Curve Nunn Finer Wither Tracer Saddle Fitting Curve. Form this flexible 18" curved tool along your horse's wither, then trace on to cardboard and cut out. Every little bit of info can help when you're saddle shopping and can't bring your horse along with you! Flexible Saddle Fitting Curve from Nunn Finer is an updated style with measurements in metric on one side and standard inches on the other. Measure your horse's back at the withers, at the last rib, and along the spine for best results. Handy flexible ruler tool will help you determine the proper tree width. Store the Nunn Finer Wither Tracer Saddle Fitting Curve in its plastic zip bag in your tack trunk for years of use. Flexible 18" long Measurements in inches and centimeters

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