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Oster Golden A5 Single Speed Clipper Kit - Tack In The Box

Oster Golden A5 Single Speed Clipper Kit

  • $29949

The Oster A5 clippers are the most advanced, heavy duty equine clippers available. They are designed with the toughest equine clipping jobs in mind. Powerful and tough enough for bridle paths, whiskers, fetlocks and even entire body clipping jobs. Its extra wide blade allows you to complete the job quicker and easier. The combination of a powerful universal motor, high RPM and a gear reduction assembly give these clippers unmatched power for their size. Blade changing is simple and easy with no tools required. Simply snap the blade off and put a new one on while the motor is not running. Kit includes a wide body #10 blade.

- Includes Carbon Brushes, Blade Oil, & Cleaning Brush