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Pro Choice Shank Gag Snaffle Bit

  • $49.95

Equisential Shank Gag Snaffle Bit. This mouthpiece will apply pallet and bar pressure and is an excellent all-purpose mouthpiece that will work well on most horses. The sweet iron keeps the horse's mouth moist, allows the bit to move freely and increases response.

The unique straight design of this cheek offers the rider a quicker response. This bit encourages the horse to bend, flex and elevate their shoulders. The cheeks are made from strong stainless steel that will not rust, allowing the mouthpiece to slide easily. This bit should be adjusted to fit with one wrinkle in the horse's mouth. The sweet iron mouthpiece keeps the horse's mouth moist and responsive.

Cheek: 8.25"

Mouthpiece: 5.5"