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Riva's Remedies Happy Horse Natural Nutrition - Tack In The Box

Riva's Remedies Happy Horse Natural Nutrition

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An all natural plant and seaweed supplement that provides optimum nutrition. Rich in organic minerals, vitamins, fibre and cell salts. Provides up to 65 trace minerals and lots of vitamins. Horses love it! Safe for pregnant and/or lactating mares.

Directions: 1/4 cup daily for one month and then switch to a maintenance dose of 1-2 TBSP daily.

Ingredients: Blueberry Fibre Powder, Flax Seeds, Herbal Mineral Mix (Kelp, Irish Moss, Dulse), Oatstraw, Rosehips.

Beneficial for: The Gold Standard in Equine Nutrition, Health & Well-Being, Trace Minerals

1KG - up to a 6 week supply