Riva's Remedies Happy Horse Senior, Senior Nutrition

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A senior nutritional blend containing all the plant nutrients found in the Happy Horse regular blend, with the addition of Flax Seeds, Parsley and extra Fibre. A superior herbal mix to maximize the absorption of vitamins and minerals and support a healthy aging process with optimum nutrition.

Directions: 1/4 cup daily for one month, then switch to a maintenance dose of 2-3TBSP daily.

Ingredients: Blueberry Fibre Powder, Flax Seeds, Herbal Mineral Mix (Kelp, Irish Moss, Dulse), Oatstraw, Rosehips, Rosemary, Sage.

Beneficial for: your Horse’s Silver Years, Health & Well-Being, Trace Minerals

1KG - up to a 6 week supply.