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SOA + Itch Be Gone Bar Soap

  • $13.95

A bacterial and fungal killer. It stops the itching and rubbing cycle associated with insect bites, allergic reactions, skin disorders and irritations. Penetrates deep, cleans, draws and soothes sensitive skin.

- Parasitic infestations

- Skin infections and sores

- Sweet itch

- Hot spots

- Psoriasis

- Ring worm

- Eczema

- Allergic inflammation

- Mange

- Tick, Flea, Mite & Bug bites

- Rosacea

Directions: For mild skin conditions, rinse areas with water, wash & apply on skin as a lather. Leave on for 1-5 minutes, then rinse. For extreme skin conditions, apply as a heavy lather and leave on for 1-14 hours, then rinse. Repeat as needed. Safe to use on sensitive skin.

11 oz bar

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