Stayons Poultice Leg Wraps

Stayons Poultice Leg Wraps

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Leg Wraps - Clay + Epsom Salt

Traditionally, clay-based poultice is used whenever 'heat in the legs" is a concern. 
Our leg wraps combine both bentonite and kaolin clays plus Epsom salt, uniquely blended in a specific patent pending ratio with a gelling agent that provides a long-lasting, wet poultice. 
The wraps remain wet longer than you might expect. We recommend checking ~ 18-24 hours.      
If the wrap is still wet, you can simply re-wrap the leg for additional poultice time, if needed.

If you're travelling with your horse - you need STAYONS Legs Wraps! 
Nothing works as quickly & cleanly when away from your own barn & access to water may be limited or time-consuming.Our wraps are compact & easily transport to events, tracks, or for trail rides & used in first aid kits. Instead of lugging around heavy pails of premixed poultice when you're on the road, plus brown paper or plastic wraps, use STAYONS Leg Wraps - they're just so easy to bring along. 

DUAL ACTION - provides support for short term & longer term issues. Soaking the wrap in ice water provides effective  immediate support for acute injury/inflammatory conditions, while providing poultice benefits for the longer term effects. Two way support all in one step. No need to remove cold wraps & apply poultice - STAYONS leg wrap uptake and hold the ice water, then slowly warms while the poultice blend provides its benefits. Win-win  - without the mess.

After a long day of competition or trail riding, the easiest part of the trip home will be wrapping legs before loading on the trailer. And for those times when leg injury occurs far from home, it's great to have something quick and easy that anyone can apply, hot or cold, as the situation dictates. Once home, clean up is a breeze. Simply remove the wrap, and discard in your compost pile or with regular garbage. On those cold weather days, not having to wash down residual poultice will be a well-deserved bonus. 
Supplied: 4 leg wraps /pack    
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