Vetericyn Plus eye wash

Vetericyn Plus eye wash

  • $17.98

Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash

Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash is specially formulated for use on all animals. Great for horses, dogs, and cats with irritated eyes. Vetericyn Eye Wash is completely safe and effective at alleviating eye irritation by flushing out dirt and debris. Vetericyn helps soothe irritated, inflamed eyes due to dust and allergens, all without stinging or discomfort. Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash is perfect for eye cleansing and maintenance and can be used in conjunction with Vetericyn Plus Ophthalmic Gel and Pink Eye Spray. Use Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash to prevent buildup of irritating foreign material that may lead to eye infections. Eye wash for horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and more comes in a 3 oz bottle.

  • pH Balanced - won't sting
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or dyes
  • Great for horses and pets with allergies

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