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Vetrolin Green Spot Out

  • $15.99

Spray on Dry Clean Shampoo. Clean up manure and urine stains on the spot with Vetrolin Green Spot Out. Quick and easy to use. Just spray, work in and wipe off. No rinsing required. Brush out the area when dry for a high-gloss shine. For use on light colored coats when there's no time or weather is too cold for bathing.

- Removes urine and manure stains easily

- Helps remove wet and dry sweat stains

- Perfect for cold weather or when there's no time for bathing

Directions: Spray a small amount directly on the spot. Massage in and wipe off using a damp towel. Repeat, working in small areas, until stain is removed and entire area is clean. Finish off with a dry towel and brush to bring out shine.

16 fl oz (473 ml)

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