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Wonder Dust Wound Powder - Tack In The Box

Wonder Dust Wound Powder

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Wonder Dust is a dressing powder and blood coagulant for use on certain types of wounds, cuts and abrasions. Specially formulated for use on horses and valuable show stock. A caustic and drying agent for slow-healing lesions and excessive granulated tissue (proud flesh). Also for use on other livestock as a blood-stop powder after castrating, docking or dehorning. Plus, it contains a deodorant to remove objectionable odors from foul or infected wounds.

- Open cuts

- Surface wounds

- Granulated tissue

- Proud flesh

- Capillary bleeding

Directions: Remove liner from underside of cap. Replace cap and shake well. Twist nozzle to open. Hold nozzle 2-4 inches from wound and squeeze container firmly, puffing powder freely over the entire surface of the wound. Use Wonder Dust with or without bandages. Repeat application as often as necessary. Do not use on wounds intended to be sutured.

4 oz bottle (113.4 g)